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6th Drive World Marrow Drive

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month and 16th September was the #WorldMarrowDonorDay. World Marrow Donor Day is a day to celebrate stem cell donors, and everyone who is helping to save the lives of people with blood cancer and blood disorders, all around the world.

"What greater gift can one human being give to another than the Gift of Life"

Your single act of kindness would save more than one life,demonstrating the incredible power each of us have as individuals to change the world.

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month and 17th September was the World Marrow Donor Day.

Jeevandayini marked this day by conducting a Stem Cell Donor Drive in association with Radisson Blu Kaushambi NCR with the technical support of Datri, India's largest Blood Stem Cell Donor Registry. The campaign churned out a record 82 donor registrations from Radisson Blu,Gixxers Club Delhi & Oswal Youth Club.

As part of celebrations,Jeevandayini also thanked our benevolent Marrow Donors,Blood Stem Cell Donors & Cord Blood Unit Donors across the globe who have already donated or are on the Global Registry to donate.

The drive reverberated singularly on the belief that every person battling blood cancer deserves a second 'Chance at Life'and we are determined to make it happen.

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