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Blood Cancer Day

4 pm Onwards


Can one awareness day,or in some cases an awareness week or month,make a difference?

Absolutely, YES !!

#WorldBloodCancerDay,marked in countries across the world every 28 May connect people from all over the world to join forces in support of World Blood Cancer Day - a global awareness day to show solidarity with blood cancer patients worldwide.

The red "&" sign,or ampersand,symbol of World Blood Cancer Day, represents, YOU & ME joining forces to delete blood cancer!

Every 35 seconds, someone around the world is diagnosed with blood cancer.World Blood Cancer Day raises hope and a crutch to help those who are struggling with blood cancer. It helps to increase attention,early detection and support for the awareness,treatment as well as palliative care of this disorder.

Until there is a cure for blood cancer, then You might be the only help available for a patient in desperate need! That it’s a numbers game and that every single one of us counts.

Many people around the world are unable to find a matching stem cell donor. By registering as a potential stem cell donor, one day you could provide a blood cancer patient with a second chance at life. Join the register and be on standby to save a life!


Ahead of the World Blood Cancer Day, a Blood Stem Cell Donor Drive is organised by Jeevandayini Social Foundation & Asian Institute of Medical Sciences,Faridabad* in technical collaboration with GeneBandhu Registry to increase the existing database of potential blood stem cell donors and to gift a 'Hope of Life' to those suffering from various types of blood cancers & blood-related disorders.

DATE: 27 May'2017
TIME:4 pm to 6 pm
VENUE : Asian Institute of Medical Sciences,Faridabad

Gear Up! Vroom!Vroom!
We have more in store.

The event will be flagged off by IndependentRiders- a group of passionate bikers in Delhi and NCR which rides for different social causes.

The ride will focus on Blood Stem Cell Donation Awareness and Registration.The ride will flag off at 2:30 pm from the Asian Institute of Medical Sciences,Faridabad.

The countdown has begun and with less than two days to go.....

We can all make a difference. Yes!
You & me & him & her & us & them & everyone else can make a difference.......

We have one goal :
A world without blood cancer!!!!

We won't stop until we have beaten BLOOD CANCER....

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