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Fifth Bone Marrow Donor Drive

Our Fifth Bone Marrow drive at Manav Rachna University

With this resonating theme, our Fifth Bone Marrow drive at Manav Rachna University in technical collaboration with Datri Stem Cell Donor Registry churned out a record 201 donors on 29 August 2016.

An insightful presentation by Ms Gayathri Venugopalan and Ms Dipti Kumbhar from Datri on the Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donation to combat fatal Blood Disorders was shared.

An unprecedented number of students from different academic streams attended the session and participated in the bone marrow donor registration process where a buccal swab sample was taken which will further be tested and recorded with Datri, India's largest stem cell donor registry.

Meanwhile,Jeevandayini will continue relentless efforts to take these campaigns to PAN India.

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