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Cervical Cancer Awareness

TURN THE TOWNS TEAL.... Cervical Cancer Awareness


Simply put,early detection saves lives!

Following inception in 2015,#Jeevandayini has successfully established as one of the leading Public Benefit Organisations with a record of implementing successful and results-driven initiatives that has a lasting impact.Expanding our focus to now include the fight against the Cervical Cancer was a natural evolution and we are confident that our dedication and resources will add significant value to the movement.

Riding high on the success of first campaign on Breast Cancer Awareness,Jeevandayini in association with Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre offered services expanding to Pap Smear screening tests for Cervical Cancer to facilitate and promote early detection.The combination ultimately transforms the unit into a Cancer Powerhouse that enables #Jeevandayini to tackle two most prevalent female cancers- Breast and Cervical cancer.

"Turn The Towns Teal",the Pap Campaign which ran until 15 February'2017 with support from eminent gynaecologists and NGOs,highlighted the importance of early detection as cervical cancer is the second-most commonly diagnosed form of cancer among women worldwide.

Pap Smears do not hurt and are extremely effective in preventing this type of cancer,so we are pleased with the number of women who attended free consultations and received Pap tests.

The response we received was overwhelming! We welcomed 241 women for Pap tests!! These figures show us that awareness initiatives of this kind do make a difference and are helping to eradicate a cancer that can be prevented.A clear sign that our messages about cervical cancer being preventable through Pap tests get across and empower women to beat the disease.

Collaborations will,as always,be key to the overall success of our ambitious dreams and we would like to thank all the existing organisations that have helped make this possible,to support Jeevandayini in its endeavour of ultimately creating a fully-fledged women's health service offering!!

The campaign is supported by valued partners including:

Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre,Faridabad,Delhi NCR

Valencia Hospital,Faridabad

Saluja Nursing Home,Palwal

Arora Nursing Home,Palwal

Vardaan Nursing Home,Palwal

K C Hospital,Palwal

Sukhram Hospital,Palwal

Palwal Hospital,Palwal

Civil Hospital,Palwal

Participating NGOs:


Win Over Cancer

Wakt De Rakt De

Faridabad Donors Club

Bannuwal Welfare Association

Khushi Ek Ehsaas

Manav Seva Samiti,Palwal

Let us all join hands for greater awareness and in leading a healthy life with minimum risks of cancer.

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